Bespoke Design Service

SIBO Designs - Bespoke Wedding Gown Design Service -


Have you sometimes wondered if you could combine elements of one gown with another that it would become the perfect wedding gown? SIBO Designs creates couture bespoke wedding gowns with stunning details and the most gorgeous fabric sourced from all over the world. You can combine elements from one of my designs and combine it with another. Would you like to add sleeves to a design, a higher backline, or a different lace? Not a problem at all.

The design service will start with questions in regards to all of the details and fabrics you are looking for in a wedding gown design. After I have sourced all materials a quote will be provided based on the specifications for the design and size provided. After the quote is approved creation will start, and this is the exciting bit. Now you can actually see your design taking shape, and piece by piece become the wedding gown of your dreams.

This service is available for customers all over the world! Do you have a specific vision based on one of my original gown designs? Always feel free to reach out, as I love to make your dream design become a reality. All of my gowns are sewn in my studio in the Netherlands by myself, and are carefully crafted with passion and love for fine fabrics and details. Bringing a romantic style to life with a modern edge. Would you like to visit the workroom and try on some of the sample gowns? Feel free to make a appointment at the top of the page under contact.