Matt & Emma’s Wedding

A while ago I go to create the “Everlasting Love” veil for a bride in Australia. Because she came across the veil pretty much at the last minute before her wedding, we rushed the creation process to get it out to Australia as quickly as I possibly could and ship it out! Luckily it came in time for the wedding, because I would not have missed the absolutely gorgeous images of this wedding! The surroundings, the feel and detail of this wedding, and yet the elegant and still comfortable rustic is truly magical. This is a little testimonial of the brides story to the perfect details and look for the wedding.

“After searching high and low for my perfect gown in Melbourne, Australia I couldn’t find ‘the one’ that ticked all the boxes – not strapless, not A-line but not trumpet skirt either, heavy lace with no sprakles, a warm champagne undertone and a gorgeous train. I was in love with a lot of Monique Lhuillier lace gowns but didn’t have the access (nor budget!) for one in Melbourne. Luckily, a family friend is a fantastic dressmaker who I brought my design to. My major hurdle in creating my wedding gown was sourcing the perfect lace. All laces my mum and I could find either had diamante detailing (not something I was keen on), was too white and not ivory or was ridiculously out of budget. My mum was going on a trip to Greece and Turkey during this time and after many text message’s and emailed photos in the middle of the night she found my perfect lace, detailed and heavy without being too elaborate, in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar! My dream gown was created using this lace and a champagne toned silk lining. I had always envisioned wearing a simple mantilla with a lace edge, hopefully using the same lace from my gown.

My dressmaker and I started to think that perhaps this would be too much lace though, and distract from the concept of my gown. We also discovered the lace from Turkey would not be suitable to use to edge a veil, and also had trouble sourcing the perfect soft veiling locally. I had saved SIBO Design’s Everlasting Love mantilla veil as my dream veil and showed it to my dressmaker, who advised me to just order it and hope it matched! This however was only two weeks before the wedding and I had to get the veil from Amsterdam to Australia and pray that it was perfect! Sheila was FANTASTIC in getting it to me on time (and beautifully packaged), my sisters and I unwrapped it and ooh-ed and aah-ed over it before pronouncing it amazingly perfect to match my lace gown. From a last minute decision, my Everlasting Love mantilla became my statement piece at our wedding ceremony. I had so many comments on my beautiful veil and how it complimented my wedding gown.”

Big Thank you to Emma for sharing her amazing story of finding that perfect detail and style for her big day.

Photography by sunny + scout photography