Bridal Inspirational Shoot HochzeitsWahn Blog – by Squaresville Studios

Bridal Inspirational Shoot for Hochzeitswahn - SIBO Designs Headpieces & Veils

Today I want to share this amazing bridal inspirational shoot made for german wedding blog “Hochzeitswahn“. The destination for the Hochzeitswahn bridal shoot was romantic Mallorca, and it could not have been a more perfect setting. The romance brought trough in these stunning images, with the olive trees, and sunshine is absolutely breathtaking!

Photography by Squaresville Studios
Dress Top Images by ambacherVIDIC
Dress Bottom Images by Soeur Coeur
Planning & Organisation by T estim – Heiraten auf MallorcaAnfitrian
Flowers by Ars Festum

Featured Headpiece in bottom images: “Breathless” Bridal Crown in the colour Gold / Blush